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Back Injuries & Spinal Cord Injuries

Utah Lawyer — Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits for Back Pain

Whether your back pain is the result of an accident or chronic pain that has developed over time, you may qualify for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. At my Orem, Utah law office, I help people with back and spinal cord injuries successfully apply for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits.

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Many people with back pain have a hard time sitting, standing or walking for very long. When they need to rest for more than two hours out of each work day, employers may be unable to accommodate them. The worker must then seek Social Security Disability benefits for their back or spinal cord injury.

Proving that their spinal cord or back injury causes them pain often requires detailed medical records of their history, conditions and symptoms. People without this medical record may find their claims denied.

What is Social Security looking for regarding spine problems?

Social Security is looking in the medical records for the following specific diagnoses, symptoms, and limitations in determining whether a person is disabled because of spine problems:

What the doctor diagnoses:

Social Security is looking for diagnoses of spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, arachnoiditis, vertebral fracture, or herniated discs.

What is shown in tests:

Social Security is looking for the following results of tests: Nerve root compression, (shown in X-rays, MRI's or CT scans) atrophy (shrinkage) of muscles, (determined by measuring the circumference of muscles and comparing them to normal) limited movement of the spine, (determined by seeing how far you can bend and twist different directions) numbness and reflex loss, (determined by pricking and tapping you) and positive straight leg raising test (determined by lifting your straight leg while sitting or lying down.)

Other symptoms:

In addition to the above that the doctor observes, Social Security is looking for the following symptoms that you experience: Pain in your arms or legs caused by your spine problem, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking and climbing stairs.

For more information and detail about what Social Security is looking for in spine problems go here.

Whether you are just considering applying or have been denied, I can help. I have been practicing law for over 30 years. My law practice is now dedicated entirely to Social Security Disability and SSI law. Having helped many people with back and spinal cord injuries over the years, I know what steps to take and can guide injured people to the best possible results.

Victories for back problems:

Clients for whom I've won benefits for back problems:

August 2014

A 60 year old former real estate developer who could no longer work because of disc and degenerative facet arthritic changes, lumbar/sacral spine disc displacement and degenerative intervertebral discs, lumbar facet joint arthropathy, thoracic facet joint arthropathy, thoracic degenerative intervertebral disc disease, unilateral pars defect, disc herniations compressing a nerve root, and facet arthropathy.

A 56 year old former miner and concrete and construction laborer who could no longer work because of spinal and orthopedic impairments.
A 58 year old former truck driver and mechanic who could no longer work because of spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.
In March 2014

A 56 year old former auto garage maintenance manager who could no longer work because of back fusion surgery and other problems. 

In January 2014
A 41 year old former assembly line worker, store supervisor, cashier, living assistant, and fast food worker who could no longer work because of lumbar disc tears and protrusions, spinal stenosis, and other problems.
November 2013
A 34 year old college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in genetics and biotechnology who has never been able to work because of  facet arthropathy in her lumbar spine and other problems.
A 50 year old former makeup and eyelash artist, postal carrier, and telephone customer supporter who could no longer work because of degenerative disc disease, facet arthritis, torn discs, lumbar spondylosis, iliac sclerosis, and osteitis condensans ilii.
October 2013
A 55 year old former recreational vehicle store owner and operator who could no longer work because of degenerative disc disease, facet disease, failed back syndrome, and peripheral neuropathy.
A 46 year old  former carpenter, chef and retail salesperson who could no longer work because of back fusion surgery, pars defects, sacroiliitis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, anterolisthesis, and pars interarticularis defects.
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