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Client Testimonials of Utah Social Security Disability Lawyer Craig McAllister

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Several videos are available below of real life, real client testimony regarding their experiences with Craig McAllister. His clients have expressed their frustration of being denied social security multiple times when attempting to apply for it on their own. Then, after contacting Craig for his help and representation, the process went smoothly and the judge approved of the client’s social security claims.



Craig has a strong passion about social security disability; he’s capable of understanding your situation and helping you reach the goal that you want and get what you deserve. He excels at taking complex cases and presenting them in a clear and concise matter. This level of organization allows for the claims to be handled and understood in a way that’s easy for the client and the judge.

Many clients have reported feeling confident after meeting Craig for the first time. He has been described as down to earth and easy to get a hold of; providing clients with the personalized attention they need. Clients have testified that Craig McAllister has a quick turnaround and a personal touch on all returned calls; not just delegating them to his staff. He desires prompt closure for his clients so that they can get the social security disability they deserve and need as soon as possible.

At the end of their experiences with Craig, clients report being happy and relieved that the process went as well as it did. Some clients have had years of frustrations and poor experiences with social security but are now resolved thanks to the hard and dedicated work of Craig. Many of our clients are referred by previous clients; people who have expressed their frustrations with the social security system and sought out advice from friends and families and attorneys who have partnered with Craig McAllister before.


Here are some of his latest Google reviews:

Bill Miller

Mr. McAllister was awesome in my case. I wish that I would have called him from the start, it would have saved me a lot of time! He knew exactly how to put my case together for a favorable judgment . Don't go with one of those big firms . You'll just become another number. Mr. McAllister treats you like family! I recommend him fully!

Leonard Downing

Easy to work with. Straight forward service. No drama. Coached me on gathering some records myself to save money. Good support in court. Won! Did what he said. Charged what he said. It does not get better. Did I say we won?

Craig was so great to work with. He is honest and does what he says he will do. He always got back to me.  I was never left wondering and waiting. I would recommend him to anyone!
Mr McAllister made the process of getting social security benefits very smooth and easy to understand. He’s great at getting back to you and making sure any questions or concerns are addressed. I would highly recommend him, he does an excellent job.

Mark Anhder
Craig has been super supportive to me throughout the whole Disability application process. His knowledge of Disability Law and what documents were needed to submit with my application was unsurpassed. If you will listen to Craig, follow his instructions, be a little patient with how the SSD system works, provide quick follow up to all SSD and his requests, I believe everything comes together and you will have success! My claim was approved during the initial application process and I'm positive it wouldn't have been possible without Craig and his expertise! He will be a friend for life! 👍


David Head

I am very grateful for the work, and dedication that Craig put in to help me get my disability benefits. He was very knowledgeable, made the process easy, and was there to answer all of the questions that I had no matter how many times I had to bug him. Thank you SO much for everything Craig. I wish you the best of luck, and success.


Becky Diamond

I was impressed with Craig McAllister's professionalism. He is very direct, cuts to the chase and just delivers the information you need. If you are looking for warm and fuzzy, you probably won't get it. But if you want results he will deliver. He knows what he is doing and he gets results. Thank you for working with me Mr. McAllister.


David Slack

Very thorough, would recommend


Carrie Rocha

had never met Craig in person before the day we met for court, he presented himself very professional and was very helpful. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me in full detail and helped me understand what the process was that i was going through. I would recommend him to anyone who may need an attorney...


Andy Townsley

Craig was always available to help. He took calls personally, I didn't deal with a paralegal, it was always Craig answering the call. My SSDI was approved on the first appeal. The advice that Craig provided was excellent, and when I needed help with Long Term Disability, he was able to refer me to extremely competent attorneys.

I STRONGLY suggest anyone who is going through the Social Security Disability process to call Craig and work with him.

Daniel Hall


Craig Eddins

★★★★★ After struggling on my own I searched for SS Attorney don't know why I was drawn to Craig called wife told her and she reminded me of a Craig McAllister who handled the adoption of my son 30 years ago. All I can say is thank you again 30 years later. Same as 30 years before sit down listen to the advice he gives do your part and he will do his!

Thanks Again...


Terri Brandon

★★★★★ Craig was great to get everything done and keep me posted on my Social Security case and answering all my questions!!!


Randall Hester

★★★★★ Thank you Craig...Your expertise and experience is un-matched...We Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for helping us . Now we can go on with our lives without  worry.


Lindsay Cambridge

★★★★★ Craig did an excellent job on my case. We would not have won without his help. He helped me navigate the requirements, which are very complex for this process. From start to finish it took about 3 1/2 years (the government has a very long process) and Craig was very supportive and helpful, and very available the whole time. I am very glad Craig was our lawyer.


Meghan Stark

★★★★★ Always answered the phone. Was so easy to work with! I would highly recommend Craig. I was denied by Social Security 2 times and he won for me.


Chad White

★★★★★ Craig did a good job helping me through this difficult process.  I don't recommend trying to apply for disability without a good lawyer like Mr.  McAllister.


Cherei Neilson

★★★★★ Craig McAllister was amazing to work with. He answered all of our questions, was always available to speak with us if or set up a time when it was best for us all. He reviewed my dad’s case to ensure that he would qualify to begin with and that we had the proper documentation and everything that we needed. With his help we were able to get my dad disability approved within a few short months. I would highly recommend Mr. McAllister, Attorney at Low to anyone who is struggling to get their disability approved!


Renee Zamora

★★★★★ I could not have asked for better help in getting my son's Social Security Disability.  He picked up our case at the last minute, when dropped by another legal service, and did everything to get things prepared in time for our hearing. He was able to give my son just a couple key words needed to document his case with the doctors.  I was so impressed with his Summary of the Claim, and the Chronological Medical History he put together for the hearing. Things worked out so well the hearing took about 5 minutes and my son never needed to testify. What a relief, the records could speak for themselves. I could have never done this work on my own. I am so grateful to have found a knowledgeable and detail orientated attorney capable of handling our case. I highly recommend Craig McAllister as anyone's Social Security Attorney.


Jason Lewis

★★★★★ Professional, knowledgeable, and accessible.  Will use again in the future.


Nater Adamson

★★★★★ I became disabled on August 30 2015, I filed a claim for Social Security benefits myself and was denied. I needed help, I found Craig on the web and gave him a call. The next day he met with me and started the paperwork for my review and now my claim has been approved.

Craig answers his own phone and you meet with him personally. This is great service. If you are looking for a disability lawyer I can highly recommend Craig McAllister.


Anne Smith

★★★★★ We hired Craig in middle of January in 2015.  This was after 1.5 years of me (mom) trying to get disability checks for my autistic son myself but to no avail.  By the end of April 2016, we received a positive disposition.  Craig took my calls, emails, and many questions regarding this process quickly and always responded within 24 hours to let me know what time frame to expect throughout this ongoing process.  There were some bumps and many delays in this governmental process as well as many confusing similar sounding departments working in concert (but separately) with us at one point or another.  Glad to have Craig McAllister help us navigate and negotiate for us in this inefficient and maddening process!


Chris Bentley

★★★★★ Craig did a great job with my case, although I never met with him until my court date in front of the judge, he did an amazing job in the court room explaining the extent of my disability. After 3 years of fighting and being denied several times HE finally won my case for me and got me my disability ssi and even  3 years of back pay which was substantial and helped a ton. I am so grateful for Craig McAllister and his help, if you are looking for help with your disability rights and case then Craig is definitely your man.



★★★★★ My wife was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in July of 2014. Both her speech therapist and rehabilitation psychologist recommended, due to the seriousness of her injuries and long term prognosis, that we start the Social Security Disability application process as soon as possible. When I researched what was needed, it appeared to be a daunting task in addition to dealing with insurance companies, medical care, and acting as the primary caregiver for my wife. We found Mr. McAllister through a web site that offered several SS attorneys. Mr. McAllister contacted me the very next day and started the process. Mr. McAllister also personally met with us and provided all of the guidance and forms needed to gather everything needed to file the for disability. My wife's claim was approved within the first six month waiting period without issue. Mr. McAllister made a daunting task easy and followed the process through from start to finish taking a huge load off my shoulders. I highly recommend his services to anyone needing to file for SS Disability.


David Timpson

★★★★★ Craig does careful, thorough, complete work. He is also a pleasant and understanding man to work with. I had four years of appealing my disability claim by myself, with straight rejections. Craig has the legal knowledge and organizing ability to present claims to administrative law judges so they will see the clear picture. I am confident I would not have won my final appeal without his representation. Even though I am a retired MD, I did not have the skill set to organize and present my medical history the way he did. I give Craig McAlister my highest recommendation. A note of caution: beware the "Disability claim Mills" you can find that don't give the personal legal attention that Craig can give. The fees for legal representation are set by the government, so they are NOT less expensive. if you do decided to get help, choose the best service. Craig McAllister is certainly a great example of a best service law firm.


Dave Jensen

★★★★★ Mr. McAllister was honest with me from the beginning. He reviewed my case just to see if I had any chance of a disability claim worth pursuing. He weighed the pros and cons and advised me based on his experience. He then allowed me to  make the final decision. The experience was very satisfying. I made 1 trip to his office, a couple phone calls, and a couple E-mails within 4 months. I was told this could take up to a year or more. But, I am happy to report that I have been successfully granted benefits within 4 months. My decision to use Mr. McAllister's service paid off. This means so much to our family. Thank You Soooo! much.


Jim Elliott

★★★★★ January 2011 I was in an automotive collision. In which, I incurred sever injuries. Attorney Mr. McAllister's marvelous work ethics, interpersonal skills, honesty and extraordinary law knowledge lead to a timely court decision in approval of my social security disability benefits. His ability to properly convey my permanent disability impairment to the judge was remarkable. Myself and my two small children are overjoyed and impressed with Craig's professionalism and many other attributes. Deepest thanks and appreciation. Thank you.


Don't wait any longer to contact Craig McAllister at 866-520-0222 so he can get started on your claim right away.